Terms and conditions

What rules apply when I book a cottage or apartment?

Who is responsible?
The letting agency advertises the holiday home and mediates bookings
at the request and approval of the house owner.
Stibes Stugförmedling
Blötan 11, 36294 Tingsryd Sweden
Email: christina(at)stibes.com

Who is responsible for the cottage/apartment?
The house owner/landlord owns the holiday home
The house owner/landlord is sole responsible

Booking terms & conditions:
You are of age and over 18 years.

  • You have read and agreed to all the conditions on this homepage (stibes.com)
  • Have your own liability insurance and we recommend a cancellation insurance
  • Terms and condition according to Swedish law apply, even when a booking contract is between foreign
    (not Swedish citizen) persons.

As a letting agency are we obliged to ensure that:
You receive written confirmation / booking contract of your booking,
You receive documentation and details of where to pick up the key in good time,
but not necessarily more than 21 days before the agreed day of arrival.
You are informed of any important changes concerning your booking,
You may use the cottage/apartment from 15.00 on the agreed day of arrival until 11.00 on the day of departure,
unless otherwise is confirmed.
If you are not satisfied with the cottage/apartment, should you always contact the house owner. See below.

To think about before booking a privately owned holiday home:
The standard: A holiday home is often different to your own home. The interior furnishings can be both old and modern.
Crockery, glassware and cutlery could be of different kind. May not be adequate wardrobes and storage spaces.
Bedrooms are often smaller and not always divided by a door. The hot water tank could be of a smaller size,
you may have to wait while the water heats up again.
Outside: In and around holiday homes (in the countryside) especially in summertime, are there possibly more flies, wasps, other insects, outdoors and maybe cobwebs indoors. Nor the houseowner or Stibes Stugförmedling can be made responsible for any eventual allergic reactions. If, however there is an unusual amount of insects, please report immediately, and maybe they can be eradicated.
Nor the houseowner or Stibes Stugförmedling can be held responsible for activities outside our boundaries,
for example: road works etc.
Seasons: facilities such as boat, pool, gardenfurniture are only to be used when the season and the weather permitting.

When does my booking become binding?
You and we are bound by the  booking contract as soon as we have confirmed your booking and you have paid the booking fee
(or the full rental amount).

When should I pay?
If you booked earlier than 60 days in advance is the booking fee 25% of the rental amount.
The booking fee should be paid within 7 days from the date which we sent the booking contract to you.
It will be deducted from the rent. The remainder of the rent 75% should be paid no later than 60 days
before the agreed day of arrival.
If you booked later than 60 days in advance, then the whole rental amount should be paid at the latest within 7 days
from the time of the booking.
All rental prices are stated in SEK, in the event of exchange rate changes before payment, we have the right to adjust rental prices stated in foreign currency.
A fee of 4% is added for bank transfers in Euros.

What happens if I don’t pay on time?
If you don’t pay the booking fee on time, we have the right to cancel your booking.
If you fail to pay the rent is this counted as a cancellation on your part and in that case the rules for cancellations apply.

What are the rules if I want to cancel?
You can cancel verbally or in writing to us. We are obliged to confirm your cancellation in writing.
If you cancel 40 days and more before agreed arrival day, you do not need to pay more than the booking fee.
If you cancel 40 days or later before agreed arrival day, must you pay 90% of the rent.
If you have already paid more than you are obliged to, the difference will be reimbursed to you by whom it was paid to.
If we manage to rent the cottage/apartment to someone else, we will reimburse you with the amount equivalent
to the rent paid by the new tenant, with a deduction for a service fee of SEK 700 (incl.VAT 25%)
We do recommend the tenant signs a cancellation cover with a insurance company.

What are my rights?
If we do not provide the cottage/apartment in the promised condition or at the right time, you are entitled to cancel the booking.
Instead of cancelling the booking, you may demand reduction of the rent.
If you have any complaints they should be communicated to the house owner as soon as possible, preferably within 3 days from the arrival. Any defects which occur during your stay should be reported the house owner immediately, so that he/she have the opportunity to rectify them. You are entitled to put another person in your place and we have to accept this person unless we have special grounds for refusing.
If you intend to do so you must inform us before the arrival date. The fee for changing the reservation is SEK 700 (incl.VAT 25%)

What are my obligations?
You must take good care of the cottage/flat and follow the rules and regulations which apply. You are personally responsible for any damage that occurs to the property and its contents through your own negligence or that of someone in your party.
The house owner is obliged to have the house insured. If the damage caused by the tenant, then he/she is required pay the incurance deductible. The tenant should have a homeinsurance in case a serious negligence causes such damage which would not be covered by the house owners insurance policy. Stibes Stugförmedling cannot be held responsible. for damage caused by the tenant, nor loss, theft or damage on the tenants or the house owners properties.

You must not use the cottage/apartment for any purpose other than what was agreed at the time of booking (normal holiday purposes). It is not allowed to be more persons than stated in the description on the internet and on the booking confirmation,
it is forbidden to put a tent up or park a caravan /campervan (RV), on the grounds, the houseowner has got the right evict the extra persons straight away and/or cancel the contract without money compensation. The cottage/apartment is to be left in the same state as on arrival.

Pets must not be left unattended in the house. The pets owner has full responsibility for any damaged caused by the pet.

Final clean can often be booked at the time of booking. If the tenant has left the cottage/apartment in a uncleaned state or not satisfactory cleaned, will the cost of cleaning be invoiced to the tenant. Even though the final clean is included in the rent or if the tenant has paid for the final clean must the tenant do the washing-up, empty fridge/garbage, clean the oven, bbq and boat before departure.

Boat: If the cottage/flat has a boat included in the rent, is it the tenant who is responsible that the equipment required by law is present when in use. All persons using the boat must use lifejackets of right size. The tenant is alone responsible for the use of the lifejackets and not the houseowner nor Stibes Stugförmedling. The tenant cannot expect the right amount of lifejackets. Children under 16 years are allowed to use the boat under the supervision of an adult. The tenant must follow the rules/guidelines regards the boat from the houseowner. (If a statutory/ maritime licence is required is the tenant responsible for presenting such licence).
For accidents and damage in connection with the boat usage, can nor the houseowner or Stibes Stugförmedling be held responsible.

Pool, sauna: if the cottage/flat has a sauna, pool or and hot tub, must the tenant follow the instructions/rules set by the houseowner.
The tenant self is responsible for self and children when in use.

Total ban on charging electric car / RV using the ordinary electrical socket
Charging an electric car/motorhome requires large amperages and a high-power electrical outlet for a long time.
An ordinary cottage/house – is not dimensioned for charging electric car and /or motorhome RV.
There is a great risk that the cottage/house cannot withstand the load/strain and it will cause a fire due to overheating.
Use charging posts located in different locations in the town/city.

War, natural disasters, strikes, etc.
You and we have the right to revoke the booking contract if the cottage/apartment cannot be supplied owing to military operations, natural disasters, labour-market conflicts, protracted interruptions in the supply of water or energy, fire or other unforeseen events outside of our control which makes the cottage or apartment unavailable for rental. For example;  a sale of the holiday home or due to the home owner’s breach of contract etc, do we have the right to cancel the booking and paid rental money must be refunded immediately.
In such circumstances, we are only obliged to refund what you have paid, or/and less any benefit you may have had from the cottage/apartment.

What happens if we don’t agree?
Turn to the house owner about any complaints immediately. Bear in mind that your chances of obtaining redress may diminish if you delay in making your complaint. If we don’t agree, you can contact “Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden”. (the National Board for Consumer Complaints) which consists of an impartial chairman and representatives of travel organizers and consumers.

The tenant brings own bed linen/towels or rents it from the house owner.
The tenant cleans the property before departure or pays for the final clean.